AAC - Speech and Language Pathologists

The primary role of the Augmentative & Alternative Communication - Speech Language Pathologists (AAC-SLP) is to support school teams working with students who are functionally non-speaking. 

The AAC SLP provides consultative services that may include:

  • Observation
  • Consultation with the school based team 
  • Implementation support 
  • Education relating to strategies and implementation of communication systems for the purpose of enhancing the student’s augmentative communication ability  
  • Liaising and/or collaborating with outside agencies and service providers. 

This may include students who are:

  • In elementary or secondary school
  • In all types of classrooms
  • Having difficulty using speech due to physical and/or cognitive disabilities. They may be non-speaking, have limited speech, or be difficult to understand

AAC Systems may include:

  • The use of picture boards, letter boards, symbols, communication books, and speech generating devices. 
  • No tech, low tech, or high tech solutions

Referral Process:

The student’s school based team should consult with the school based SLP who will help the team determine if an AAC SLP referral is appropriate.

If appropriate, the students case manager completes the referral, with the assistance of the school SLP and team, and forwards a copy to the assigned AAC SLP and to Garibaldi Learning Services (AAC Referrals). 

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