Inclusion Consultant

The Case Manager for Inclusion is responsible for supporting School Based Teams working with Ministry designated students with developmental disabilities. This includes, but is not limited to, students aged Kindergarten to Grade 12 with: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Moderate to Profound Intellectual Disabilities, Dependent Handicapped, Deaf/Blindness and Chronic Health impairment that impact student learning.

Support includes:
  • provide/facilitate requests from School Based Teams regarding Ministry designations (A,B,C, & G) and Low Incidence Program placement 
  • liaise with Special Education Low Incidence Program teams 
  • recommend evidence based interventions on a consultative basis to assist School Based Teams in the development of positive behaviour support plans for individual students
  • provide/facilitate professional development and in-service training (topics include: communication, socialization and behaviour strategies for students with developmental disabilities) 
  • consult on the IEP process, including attending IEP meetings, when appropriate 
  • liaise with outside agencies and home teams when appropriate

Required Documents

  • completed Pre Referral Intervention Strategies form (PRIS)
  • completed Individual Education Plan (IEP) 
  • functional behaviour assessment (if available)

Referral Process

Please refer to the VSB Levels of Intervention pamphlet. Support from the Case Manager for Inclusion is appropriate at Level 3.

Professional Development

To make arrangements for a professional development session at the school level, please contact the Case Manager directly.

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