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The Vancouver School Board has a wide range of District professionals who work with our classroom teachers to ensure that students' diverse learning needs are met.  Accessing these supports is done through the School-Based Team at your home school. SBT is a collaborative problem-solving team that works to develop educational programs for students who may or may not have special education designations. 

District Case Managers

The District Case Managers are responsible for supporting School Based Teams working with students from K-12 who present with on-going and significant behavioural/learning needs.

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District Principal - Inclusion

The District Principal, Inclusions' role is to work collaboratively with Learning Services staff, school staff and parents to ensure support for students with low incidence designations and self-regulation challenges is effective in meeting the developmental needs and providing meaningful inclusion.

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District Principal - Mental Health

The District Principal, Mental Health's role is to works collaboratively with schools, district staff and community partners to provide resources and support for student mental health promotion, positive behavior support, social emotional learning and prevention.

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District Principal - Student Support for Learning

The District Principal, Support for Learnings' role is to support the Learning Services Teams to work collaboratively with schools, programs, parents and educational partners to ensure support for students with high and low incidence designations is effective in identifying and meeting the developmental needs of students.

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District Resource Teacher - Early Learning

Supporting the transition of preschool-aged children with special needs into the school system

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District Resource Teacher - Gifted

Responsible for supporting/mentoring teacher colleagues in developing and advancing their professional practice and learning with an emphasis on effective, evidence-based practices for gifted and twice exceptional students

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District Resource Teacher - Post-Secondary Transitions

The District Resource Teacher- (DRT) Secondary Transition is responsible for supporting Resource Teams and Special Education Program Teams working with students with Low Incidence designations (A-G and K) aged 16 to 19 years (Grade 10-12+) as they transition to all adult services.

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Hospital Homebound Services and Supports

Hospital Home Bound is a service that is provided for students who have been or will be absent from school for a minimum period of two weeks duration as a result of a recent hospitalization.

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Vancouver Pediatric Team

Services for students with health care, physiotherapy and occupational therapy needs

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