Multi-Interdisciplinary Support Teams

The UIP teams were created to help the District support schools in addressing situations that are urgent in nature while developing increased capacity within the system. UIP is assigned to schools by Learning Services District Principals. These teams are able to provide a multi-dimensional lens to a situation that has developed within a school. 

This team is comprised of : 

  • (3) Case Managers: Behaviour, Learning Support and Inclusion
  • DRTs for: (5) Learning Support, (2) Behaviour and (3) Inclusion
  • (1) Speech Language Pathologist
  • (2) Area Counsellors
  • (2) School Psychologists 
  • (5) Resource Teachers


  • The Principal must sign the form to agree to the UIP.  The school-based administrator must support the referral process as per SBT Process
  • Its determined that the student displays behaviour that is sufficiently disruptive and sufficiently “at risk”.  Appropriate data must be collected and represented with the UIP Referral form to demonstrate the seriousness of the behaviour 
  • Evidence of interventions attempted and supports provided by the school will be reflected on the form.  A Pre-referral Interventions Strategies Form (PRIS form) is submitted 
  • All appropriate documentation must be accompanied by the referral form

Referral Process

  • Designate a school staff member to the student file
  • UIP Staff member to make initial contact: arrange SBT date, file review and observation
  • Within 5 days, develop an interim plan for appropriate placement and/or support services. At this meeting, a time line for implementation of the interim plan will be developed, determine if screening is appropriate and if the assignment of SSA/SSB support is appropriate
  • SBT facilitates 
  • Submit all forms directly to UIP Email
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