District Resource Teacher - Early Learning

The primary role of the DRT - Early Learning is to coordinate the transition of preschool aged children with special needs into the school system. The transition process most often involves observations at the preschool/daycare or home, discussions with involved individuals, transition meeting (parents, preschool/daycare staff, a representative from the receiving school, therapists and VSB District staff) recommendations for support needs and collection and distribution of reports. During the transition, the DRT - Early Learning works closely with the parents, early childhood educators, Centre for Ability staff, Vancouver Supported Child Development Consultants, Coastal Health, Ministry of Children and Family Development, Autism home teams, receiving school Administrators and/or Resource Teachers and other District staff.

In addition, the DRT - Early Learning is available to do observations in either Kindergarten or Grade one classes where there are concerns or questions regarding specific children.

Referral Process
  • For children who are about to enter the school system, parents sign a “Consent for Observation” form
  • which is available from the preschool or daycare centre or through the other involved professionals.
  • For children already in the school system, contact the DRT - Early Learning directly
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