Program Description 
This is an academic program designed to meet the needs of intellectually gifted students who are twice exceptional in that they are gifted and meet the criteria for Learning Disabilities. The goal of the program is to improve the student’s self-concept by helping them understand their own strengths and challenges, while they learn effective strategies and skills to be successful at school. GOLD students must be committed to learning and want to be in the GOLD program. 
Grade Eight GOLD students receive two blocks of support in their timetable. One block is English 8, and the other is for GOLD resource support. Older GOLD students will be scheduled for one block of support while they remain in the program. The GOLD block provides an opportunity for the students to identify their individual strengths and difficulties and to learn strategies and skills which will enable them to be successful at school. 

Curriculum Emphasis:

  • provide help with subject work, skills and adaptations
  • develop self-advocacy skills
  • develop critical thinking skills 
  • provide an enriched learning environment
  • co-ordinate Individual Educational Plan (IEP) with student input

Student Profile 
Meets the ministry definition of a Gifted / Learning Disabled Student (Q, P) and may also have other complex needs. For students to be successful in the GOLD program, they must demonstrate some of the following characteristics: 

  • average to above average reading comprehension skills
  • ability to focus their attention on academic tasks 
  • interest in at least one academic subject in which they have shown potential and success 
  • ability to acknowledge their learning difficulties 

Exit Criteria 
Students are reviewed on a regular basis and if a change in placement is recommended a referral is submitted to Learning Services. Placement in a regular classroom is recommended when students have developed skills to a level which will allow them to function successfully.  

Capacity and Staffing 
1 Teacher  /  1 SSA

Program Locations 
David Thompson Secondary
Prince of Wales Secondary


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