Gifted / Learning Support (GOLD)

Program Description 

This program is designed to meet the needs of students who meet the Ministry of Education criteria for Learning Disabilities (P) and (Q) designations. The goal of the program is to support student’s academic while helping them understand their own strengths and challenges. They learn compensatory strategies and skills to in order school success. 
Grade Eight GOLD students receive two blocks of support in their timetable. One block is English 8, and the other is for GOLD Resource Support. GOLD students are timetabled with one block of resource support. 

Curriculum Emphasis 

  • support with academics 
  • develop self-advocacy skills 
  • develop critical thinking skills  
  • provide an enriched learning opportunities in an topic/areas of interest

Student Profile 

Students are appropriate for placement in this program when they meet the Ministry criteria for Learning Disabilities (P) and (Q) designation.

For more information on programs within the VSB, please contact your school's Resource Teacher.  

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