Pre-Employment - Kitsilano

Program Description

The Pre-Employment Program (PREP) at Kitsilano Secondary offers a three year course designed for students who would experience greater success outside of the standard academic program. Students participate in adapted or modified academic courses, regular credit electives, work experience and career exploration.

Program objectives include:

  • furthering basic academic skills while developing career skills
  • individual and small group instruction in academic and elective courses
  • developing good work habits, punctuality and attendance
  • complete at least three work experience practica of varying lengths at Grades 11 and 12

Student Profile:

Students are considered appropriate for placement in this program when they:

  • meet the Ministry criteria for Learning Disabilities (Q) or have a long history of learning challenges in the regular academic program
  • require adapted or modified course work and are motivated to complete a Grade 12 school completion
  • possess average intellectual ability
  • show a significant discrepancy between their estimated learning potential and actual performance
  • have learning difficulties not primarily resultant from factors such as: sensory or physical impairments, intellectual disabilities or behavioural difficulties
  • exhibit difficulties in some of the following areas: attention, perception, memory reasoning, communication, academics and social competence
  • understand and commit to the career development nature of the program which includes work experience at the Grade 11 and 12 levels


Referrals for placement in the Referrals for placement in the Program must be submitted to the Screening Committee.

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