Learning Assistance Program

Program Description

Secondary Learning Assistance programs (Connections / LINKS) are designed for students who have mild intellectual disabilities. In general, students in these programs demonstrate delayed language, delayed perceptual-motor functioning and delayed social skills in conjunction with below average academic achievement. Every attempt is made for inclusion opportunities into elective classes.  Students are provided with instructional tasks at the appropriate level in an individualized program.

This program has specific Curriculum Emphasis on:

  • the development of communication and decision making skills
  • career guidance and vocational preparation, including the opportunity of work experience placement at senior levels
  • consumer education
  • health and physical fitness
  • instruction in functional academic skills
  • community awareness
  • social skill development

Student Profile:

Students are appropriate for placement in this program when they meet the Ministry criteria for a Mild Intellectual Disability (K).

Selection Screening:

Learning Assistance Class referrals must be submitted to Learning Services.

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