Gifted vs. Enrichment

The District offers a wide range of enriched learning opportunities designed for students within special education as well as mainstream education.

Gifted Learning

Gifted learners fall under Special Education. These students have to be tested and have an IQ score of 130 or more. Students with giftedness are those who demonstrate exceptionally high capability with respect to intellect, creativity, or the skills associated with specific disciplines. However, they may also have accompanying disabilities and should not be expected to have strengths in all areas of functioning.

Gifted learners can be referred to the following District programs:

Enriched learning

The redesigned BC curriculum supports differentiated instruction and enriched learning into regular classrooms. Unlike the years before, mainstream teachers able to support all levels of learners, including those highly able.

Students enrolled in these programs are not required to go through psychoeducational testing. These learners can apply to the following school-based programs.

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