Secondary Strategies

Program Description

Secondary Strategies is a program designed for students who have a significant neurologically-based learning disability which affects the consistency of their academic work. The program offers a supportive environment for students whose needs may not be met in a regular program with necessary adaptations.

Program Objectives include:

  • individualized or small group instruction with a focus on functional skill;
  • providing students with a wide range of experiences designed to increase self-esteem and feelings of success, as well as a social skills program to develop interpersonal skills and independence;
  • community-based instruction.

Student Profile:

Students are considered appropriate for this program when they:

  • have average potential and exhibit an uneven cognitive profile
  • have a neurological impairment which affects their consistent performance in cognitive functioning
  •  perceptual motor development, language application, social maturity and ability to work independently
  • need extensive program modifications


Secondary Strategies program referrals must be submitted to the Screening Committee.

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