Targeted Early Intervention Resource

Program Description 

TEIR is a short term, intensive program for students in the primary grades who have been identified with a severe delay in the acquisition of reading skills. 

The focus of TEIR is to provide a differentiated learning setting that will facilitate the acquisition of academic skills with a focus on phonological skills, literacy and numeracy development. TEIR will also provide some consultative services as well as professional development. There will be four half day workshops for the Resource teacher of the student participating in TEIR. Schools referring students to TEIR must be committed to attending these sessions. 

Student Profile 
  • Students are appropriate candidates for referral to this program when they:
  • Grade 2 placement
  • have average cognitive potential (or have been designated as learning disabled)
  • have not responded to Tier 1 and 2 interventions that have been implemented
  • Benchmark Reading Assessment levels less than level 6 

Referral Process
TEIR applications will be reviewed by the TEIR Screening Committee twice a year; May and December. There are two intakes per school year, with each intake being approximately five months in duration. Please refer to the “Review and Placement Dates” timeline for due dates.  Referrals are to be submitted to the Case Manager for Learning Support. 

Exit Criteria 
Each intake is approximately five months in duration when students return to their home school. 

Capacity and Staffing 
Grades 2
8 students
1 Teacher and 1 SSA 

Program Location
Collingwood Neighbourhood School 

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