Elementary Autism Resource

Program Description 

Autism programs provide a small structured setting for students with autism who demonstrate significant behavioural and/or communication challenges. Students may also have an intellectual disability. Each student has an Individual Education Plan (IEP). 
Curriculum emphasis:
  • developing a communication system (for non-verbal students) 
  • improving communication skills 
  • teaching appropriate social behaviours 
  • teaching self-help and personal care 
  • working on functional academics 
  • social emotional programming
Student Profile 
Students are appropriate for placement in these programs when they: 
  • meet the Ministry criteria for the designation of Autism (G)
  • have severe behaviour or communication challenges such that their learning needs cannot be met in the regular classroom 

Exit Criteria 
Students are reviewed on a yearly basis and if a change in placement is recommended and a transition plan created by Life Skills staff and receiving school will be established. Placement in a regular classroom is recommended when students have developed skills to a level which will allow them to function successfully.   

Capacity and Staffing 
Grades K to 7 
1 Teacher, SSA (number of Support Staff depends on Student profiles) 

Program Locations 
Cunningham Elementary (Primary / Intermediate) 
Trudeau Elementary  (Primary)

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