Elementary Life Skills

Program Description 

The Elementary Life Skills Program is a small supportive class for students with Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disabilities (C) or Autism (G). Many of the students in this program may have challenging behaviours. Each student has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and works at his/her own level on a modified curriculum. 
Curriculum emphasis: 
  • improving communication skills 
  • developing a communication system (for non-verbal students) 
  • basic reading, writing and math skills 
  • teaching self-care skills and personal care 
  • appropriate social emotional and behavioural skills 

Student Profile 
Students are appropriate for placement in this program when they: 
meet the Ministry criteria for Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disabilities (C) or Autism (G) 
have behaviour challenges and/or special learning needs that cannot be addressed in the regular classroom 

Referral Process
Life Skills program referrals must be submitted to the Case Manager for Inclusion.   

Exit Criteria 
Students are reviewed on a yearly basis and if a change in placement is recommended, a transition plan created by Life Skills staff and the receiving school will be established. Placement in a regular classroom is recommended when students have developed skills to a level which will allow them to function successfully.   

Capacity and Staffing 
Grade 4 to 7 
1 Teacher 
SSA (number of Support Staff depends on Student profiles) 

Program Location
Mackenzie Elementary 

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