Secondary Autism Resource

Program Description 

The Autism Resource Centre (ARC) is a Secondary program to support students diagnosed with Autism who are working towards a Dogwood Certificate. The focus of the program is to support students during the school day through social skills training and executive functioning or organizational skills. 

Students have an 8 block timetable with 1-2 blocks together in a group participating in the social skills training program. Each students’ course load will be determined through an IEP process.  

Student Profile 
Students are appropriate for placement in this program when they: 
  • have a diagnosis of Autism (G)
  • are able to attend classes with minimal support 
  • are able to work independently during parts of the day in a classroom setting
  • have independent life skills 
  • meet academic expectations, at least minimally, with adaptations and support 
  • require social skills development 
  • may exhibit behaviour related to their high level of anxiety / mental health

Referral Process
Autism Resource Centre referrals must be submitted to the Case Manager for Learning Support.   

Exit Criteria 
Students are reviewed on a regular basis and if a change in placement is recommended a referral is submitted to Learning Services. Placement in a regular classroom is recommended when students have developed skills to a level which will allow them to function successfully.  

Capacity and Staffing 
Up to 15 students
1 Teacher and SSA 
(number of Support Staff depends on Student profiles) 

Program Locations 
Churchill Secondary
David Thompson Secondary 

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