Resources for Teachers
- leading classroom discussions on substance use

Overview: Teaching Alcohol and Other Drug Education to Adolescents

Courageous Conversations

Dialogue as an approach (versus one "right" answer)
- resources on dialogue:

Ten Common Tools for Dialogue

Guide to Nuturing Community Dialogue - CISUR 

SACY Curriculum and Teacher Training Stream

SACY recognizes that teachers play an important role in positively influencing youth development. Training for all teachers and administrators is available.

We also train teachers who are interested in delivering the well-recognized “Fourth R classroom” curriculum where relationship knowledge and skills are taught in the same way as reading, writing, and arithmetic thus becoming the Fourth R (Relationships).

What does the SACY Curriculum and Teacher training stream do?

We develop and facilitate professional development opportunities which seek to:

  • Enhance each school’s capacity to prevent, delay and reduce the problems associated with alcohol and other drug use within their student population and in the wider community;
  • Improve teachers’ awareness and knowledge regarding alcohol and other drugs and increase their skills in responding to substance use related problems;
  • Develop and strengthen the connections among students, teachers, parents and the wider school community


teacher stream 

I have seen a shift from treating SACY issues as
discipline issues to opportunities to better educate
the students, staff, and parents. It may be harder
to measure success but it feels like a more natural
and long term approach
- Principal

I see SACY changing how Vancouver is dealing with
this issue [youth drug and alcohol use]. It’s very useful. 
                                                                                                              - SACY Teacher Training Participant                 

[SACY] is part of the very supportive attitude we
have met at the school here in Vancouver. My
child is doing much better in school now he is
in a system where the message is "We want you here".

- SACY Parent Workshop Participant

I like the supportive nature [of SACY] rather than
an "iron-fist" approach.   
- SACY Teacher Training Participant  

[My most significant learning was that] instead of
pushing kids away because they may have substance
abuse problems, find better ways to support them
and talk with them to steer them in a better direction.  
- SACY Teacher Training Participant                 


Capacity Cafes

Effective Substance Use Education for the Classroom

Tobacco Reduction and Cannabis

Cannabis – 420, legalization, vaping, etc.

Substance Use Primer

Day in the Life of STEP 

Internet Overuse and Social Media

Resiliency and Affluence: Supporting Affluent Youth

Building Bridges with Adolescents

Staying Connected Through the Teen Years

Collaborative problem solving with teens* (how to hold a family meeting)

SACY Adult Toolkit: Add to your skills & knowledge about teens, alcohol & cannabis* 


*designed for parents, but can be of interest for teachers too

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