Departments and Contacts

The Vancouver School Board administers the operation of all the K-12 public schools and adult learning centres in Vancouver.

Office of the Superintendent                    

The Superintendent of Schools is responsible for the organization, administration, supervision and evaluation of all educational programs and the operation of the schools.
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Office of the Secretary-Treasurer

The Secretary-Treasurer's Office oversees the business divisions of Finance & Administration, Information Technology and Facilities.

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Learning Services               

Learning Services is responsible for a variety of programs     and services to support students, staff and parents in the school district.
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The Finance Division includes the accounting, budget, payroll, benefits, insurance and risk management, and business information technology departments.

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International Education                      

International Education administers the international student program, group visits and other international education initiatives. 
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The Facilities Division is comprised of three departments: Maintenance & Contruction, Operations - Rentals, and Planning & Facilities.

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Employee Services

Human Resource is responsible for employee and labour relations; employment, staff and organization         development; employee health, safety and rehabilitation;    and compensation and benefits.
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Learning & Information Technology

The IT division exists to provide relevant technological solutions that enable and support our community of learners to reach their intellectual, social and aesthetic potential.
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School Contacts
For contact information for all VSB schools, adult education centres, and district facilities

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