Community School Teams

Community school teams

As per the mandate of CommunityLINK, the work of the Community Schools Teams is to provide evidenced based programming to support the Key Asset Development of children and youth enrolled in Vancouver Schools.

The activities which fall under the scope of the Community Schools Teams include:

  • Defining, understanding and identifying vulnerable students
  • Providing academic supports
  • Providing social-emotional and behavioural supports
  • Providing community connectedness supports

The Community Schools Team provides programs and services which range from Universal to Targeted. 

CST YogaThe Community Schools Teams (CSTs) have been in place in the VBE since 2004. The twelve CSTs work in hubs, or families of schools, and offer programs and services to support vulnerable students in four areas: nutrition, academics, social-emotional functioning, and community connectedness.  Each team is comprised of a Community Schools Coordinator, Youth and Family Worker (YFW), and part time Activity Programmer(s).  In addition there are 5 YFWs designated as Elementary Support, who work in conjunction with the teams in designated elementary schools. These staff complement one another to provide services to schools in the hub.

CST ArtThe CST are funded by an annual CommunityLINK grant from the Ministry of Education. Work of the CST is reported to the VBE Board of Trustees and Ministry of Education officials annually. In addition to the CommunityLINK grant, support for Out of School Time program coordination comes from the United Way of the Lower Mainland, and the district also receives funding from the Ministry of Community, Culture and Sport via the Directorate for School Health (DASH-BC) which support the After School Sports and Arts Initiative. A significant number of funders, partners, and providers of In-kind services support programming at the hub level. To see a full listing, please see the  2013-14 report.