New Zealand All Blacks Sevens teach a lesson on humility at Charles Tupper Secondary

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Humility isn’t the most obvious quality associated with the New Zealand All Blacks Sevens rugby team, who are known globally for their vigour and skills on the field.

But that was the most important lesson Joseph Lee, a counsellor at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School, wants the rugby team of Grade 8 to 12 boys to take away from their hour-long workshop with three of the team’s players – Sam Dickson, Regan Ware and Luke Masirewa.

Speaking to the group of roughly 80 students huddling on the sports field, Lee highlights how wingman Ware was exemplary during their drop kick practice. “The first thing he did—he didn’t just stand there and watch you guys, he went to the end zone and started kicking the ball back.,” says Lee. “True rugby players are the most humble players in the world, no matter how good or bad you are at playing rugby. You can always be humble. You can always make the team better.”

Humility is one of the All Blacks’ values, says Ware, and giving back to communities on their worldwide tour is one of the ways it reminds them of this principle.

“A lot of sporting teams around the world, some people put those sportsmen above other people, but it’s a big part of our team culture where we don’t do that,” he says. “We almost like to think we’re just another person walking among everyone else.”

Charles Tupper rugby team captain Eli Bialowas, who plays flanker, was excited to meet the famous players up close. But rather than asking questions on how to improve at the game, he wanted to know what it was like for the players to be a professional athlete. For Ware, it is a “dream come true” as someone who wanted to play rugby all his life.

After the skills training workshop, which also featured a passing and decision-making station, students were invited to get autographs and photos with the players. The All Blacks continue their tournament in Singapore, Hong Kong and Paris.

All Blacks visit Tupper rugby team 2018