Statement from Official Trustee on lack of VSB representation on City of Vancouver advisory committees

Media Release

Statement from Dianne Turner, Official Trustee, Vancouver School Board

I am deeply disappointed that Vancouver City Council chose to approve a motion on November 16 to eliminate representation from the Vancouver Board of Education on City Advisory Committees in favour of having former trustees who were fired sit as ‘special representatives.’ 

The Vancouver School Board had been working to ensure continued representation by the school district, through the Official Trustee or designated staff within their area of expertise, in advancing the important work that we do in collaboration for the benefit of our community. 

If City Councillors believe it is important to have someone from the Vancouver School Board on these committees, then we can work together to ensure that happens. But the ‘special representatives’ contemplated by Council will not be a representative of the Vancouver School Board, cannot speak on behalf of the VSB, or won’t have any official or unofficial capacity or authority with the VSB. They would effectively exclude the voice of the Vancouver School Board from the important work that is done in collaboration between the City and the school district.

I have written to Mayor and Council asking them to reconsider the motion.

I am saddened that the Mayor and Councillors have chosen politics over having representation from the Vancouver school district. Given their decision, there will not be anyone who can speak to current operations at our schools giving input to any of these City advisory committees about how their work would impact Vancouver schools and students.