Students at Sexsmith Elementary tackle exciting new musical

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Students and staff at J.W. Sexsmith worked for months preparing a full-scale musical called Jasmine, an alternate version of Disney’s Aladdin. The musical was performed at the school May 16 and 17.

“In our adventure Jasmine is the ‘Street Rat’,” explains teacher David Biln, who directed the production. “The story takes her through the streets of Agrabah, the palace of the Sultan and the Cave of Wonders where she meets her two fun, powerful friends the Genies who help her find true love, friendship and the importance of always being yourself.”

 “Performing our third school play, Jasmine, was a phenomenal experience,” says Grade 6 cast member Ellaina Sareal, who worked on this challenging production with her senior classmates.

“Students gathered up their courage and took a step outside their comfort zones,” she describes. “Together, we performed a play filled with laughter, music and magic. We spent five months on this project, and let me tell you, every second was worth it. Both casts made tons of new friends and did things they never even dreamed of doing. Both Cast A and B learned new things like projecting our voices and dropping into character.

“Nobody wanted it to end,” adds Sareal. “Jasmine was an unforgettable experience and the highlight of our school year.”

"Jasmine" at J.W. Sexsmith