ABA-R-1: Community Involvement in Decision-making

A: Foundations and Basic Commitments

Parent Advisory Council (PAC):  Specific Guidelines

All parents/guardians of students in a school belong to the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). A PAC, through its elected officers may advise the board and the principal and staff of the school, other than matters assigned to the school planning council, and at the request of the school planning council, assist the school planning council in carrying out its functions in accordance with the School Act.   Meetings of PAC’s Executive are usually held monthly; they are open to all parents and the general public and are meant to promote the exchange of ideas among principal, staff, students, and parents. Meeting dates are published in school newsletters and posted in the schools.

The members of the PAC‘s Executive are elected annually.  Any parent or guardian of a student at a school is eligible for that school's PAC Executive.  The election will take place at a general meeting of all parents and guardians whose children attend the school.

  • The PAC Executive should be as representative as possible of all parents and guardians in the community.
  • The size of the PAC Executive will be determined by local organizational needs.
  •  Only parents or guardians whose children attend the school are eligible to serve as voting members of the PAC Executive (apart from student, teacher, principal and/or vice-principal representatives who will also be non-voting members).
  • The election of the PAC Executive  will be held annually with the new PAC Executive taking office on the next PAC meeting following the election.
  • A council chairperson will be elected by the members of the PAC Executive . Student, teacher, principal and/or vice-principal representatives are not eligible to be chairperson.
  • Those newly elected to membership in the PAC Executive should be fully briefed as to the important nature of the role they are to fulfil by the "outgoing" council and the principal.
  • Ideally, some of the members who comprise the PAC Executive should change each year.  New members are important and should be encouraged to stand for election.  A small selection committee of parents or guardians may assist in selecting and convincing new parents or guardians to stand for election. This process is an important means of ensuring good representation from a wide cross-section of parents and guardians in the school community.
  • Student representatives, if any, will be appointed to the PAC Executive by the student body at the school.
  • Teacher representatives will be appointed to the PAC Executive by the staff council or staff committee at the school.
  • The principal and/or vice-principal will be a member of the PAC Executive.
  • In the event that a PAC is incorporated as a society, the society's constitution must contain a provision indicating that the society will adhere to the policies and practices of the Board of School Trustees of School District No. 39 (Vancouver).

Liability Insurance Coverage

The school district’s insurance coverage through the Schools Protection Program, enables third party liability insurance coverage to be extended to include Parents’ Advisory Councils (PAC), District Parent Advisory Councils (DPAC), and School Planning Councils (SPC), their members and employees (but not non-member volunteers to the PAC, DPAC and SPC), while engaged in activities connected to the school district and sanctioned by the principal. 

Regular meetings of the PAC, DPAC and SPC are considered a school-district-sanctioned activity, therefore, any persons who provide childcare services for these meetings, with or without receiving a small honorarium, are considered volunteer workers of the Board.  In accordance with Policy EIB - Liability, insurance coverage through the Schools Protection Program provides third party liability insurance coverage to volunteer workers of the Board while acting within the scope of their duties, including extra-curricular activities.

Board Approved and Issued: 1981 January                     

DMT Responsibility: SUPT.

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EIB: Liability
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Monday May 02, 1983
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Jun 1989
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