ABC: Student Involvement in Decision-making

Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments
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The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) believes learning is enhanced by learner involvement and commitment.  Students, as individuals and as members of the student body, should have ways to contribute to their schools and to their own education.  Therefore, the Board will seek and consider student opinions in setting policies that directly affect student programs, activities, privileges, and responsibilities.

  • Learning to participate constructively in group decision-making is an important part of growing up.  The Board believes that students, in keeping with their level of maturity, should form class or school organizations, such as student councils, which offer practice in self-government and serve as forums for student ideas. 
  • Consultation with students will be sought whenever possible concerning those matters deemed to be of interest to students and in those matters in which trustees express a need for student opinion.  A representative from the Vancouver District Students’ Council, along with one alternate representative, will be appointed to sit on the Management Coordinating Committee (Committee I), Planning and Facilities Committee (Committee II), Education and Student Services Committee (Committee III), Personnel and Staff Services Committee (Committee IV) and the Finance and Legal Committee (Committee V).

Students are encouraged to attend both Board meetings and meetings of all Standing Committees.  The Board realizes that such attendance is difficult for students on a regular basis.  For this reason, the Board recognizes the Vancouver District Students’ Council and, from time to time, will seek input on issues or agenda items which are deemed to be of particular interest to students and about which trustees express a need for student opinions.

  • As part of the Career and Personal Planning  Program (Grades 8-12) students will be provided with learning opportunities that are relevant and experiential.  These opportunities will help them become thoughtful, caring individuals who plan and reflect, make informed choices, and take responsibility for their personal and career development.  Students will be encouraged to show initiative and accountability in decision making.

The Board reaffirms, however, the authority of the school staff, the Superintendent of Schools and principals, and the Board itself in setting curriculum, approving teaching methods and materials, and adhering to requirements for promotion and graduation, in keeping with the School Act, the policies of the Board, and the Board's overall educational philosophy.

Based on Board action of 1980 February 04 and current practice.

DMT Responsibility: AS-M

Cross References: 
AD: Educational Philosophy; BCE: Board Committees; JFBA: Student Government; VSB Statement of Mission and Beliefs
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Monday October 18, 1982
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Feb 1984
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