AC-R: Non-discrimination

A: Foundations and Basic Commitments

The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) approved the following specific recommendations for the elimination of discriminatory practices in the school system.


Integration of Playgrounds, Classes, and Programs:

In accordance with the intent of the Human Rights Code of British Columbia, all educational and recreational facilities, courses, programs, activities, classes, and clubs under the jurisdiction of schools within the Vancouver School District are open to all students, unless reasonable cause exists to make such arrangements impractical or inappropriate.


Medical Records

Completion of the Teacher's Medical Record shall not be required as a condition of employment.  Instead, a physician's written assessment of the teacher's physical and emotional well-being shall be submitted to the School Medical Health Officer for approval.

Administrative Forms

Where necessary, forms used by the Board shall include titles, such as Dr. and Ms.  Communication between individuals should respect the individuals' preference in this matter when it is known.


Communications originating from Board offices will attempt to set an example of sensitivity to current trends recognized in business and other professions, especially by avoiding language that expresses stereotypes based on gender.

Equal Opportunities in Administrative and Support Roles

Professional development programs will be designed to acquaint teachers with the role descriptions and expectations of educators in supervisory and administrative positions.

Integration of Staff Rooms

All staff rooms in Vancouver schools will be fully integrated.


Women's Studies - Curriculum and Program Development

It is recommended that consideration be given to the implementation of units in Women's Studies when curriculum guides are approved by the Minister of Education.

Career Guidance

Career guidance programs will be implemented in the form of counselling, instruction, and/or work experience that will encourage all students to continue their education as individual interests and aptitudes dictate.  All students will be encouraged to consider the possibilities of all occupational fields, regardless of career stereotypes.

Stereotyping and Discrimination in Instructional Materials

Regular evaluation of all educational print and non-print materials will continue in order to determine whether or not they contain discriminatory or stereotyping content.  Information regarding these matters will be provided to staff so that an increasing awareness of this problem in instructional materials used in the schools can be achieved.


Facilities for the Physically Handicapped

It is the policy of the Board to provide the handicapped access to all areas of  school  buildings.   Specifically, students  using  wheel chairs will have access to all areas of a school, including a washroom, by the provision of elevators and/or ramps, under the following two conditions:

  • facilities for the physically handicapped will be provided in all new school construction;
  • facilities for the physically handicapped will be provided in a reasonable number of existing schools when these buildings are undergoing a major renovation, in order that the physically handicapped will have access to several schools in each of the four areas.

Funding for improved facilities for the handicapped are included in the Board's annual capital estimates, in addition to funds required for the Board's regular capital program.

DMT Responsibility:   AS-LS       

Cross References: 
FB: Facilities Planning; GBA: Equal Opportunity Employment; IGBA: Programs for Handicapped Students; IIA: Instructional Materials; JB: Equal Educational Opportunities.
Adopted Date: 
Tuesday September 16, 1975
Revision Date: 
Sep 1980
Aug 1990
Sep 1994