AE: School District Goals and Objectives

Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments

Annual District Goal Development Process

The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) supports a process for developing and reviewing goals for the system that is designed to take the best advantage of reviews of previous action, consultation, and suggestions from all interested groups or individuals.

The Vancouver School District operates on three levels of goals.

  • Educational Goals: broad statements of what students will learn from K-12
  • Program Goals: more specific statements about what students will learn in individual programs.
  • Action Statements: specific actions to be taken.

Educational Goals are seldom changed from year to year.  Program Goals reflect the specific needs of the community.  The Board's goal development process focuses on Program Goals and accompanying Action Statements. Goals are selected as being of special significance, deserving special attention and action over a short period of time.

Groups or individuals are invited to express concerns at any time through delegations to the Board, through committees, or through the general openness of district and school administrators.

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AD: Educational Philosophy
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Monday February 01, 1982
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Aug 1990
Jan 1991