AI- R: Acceptable use of Technology

A: Foundations and Basic Commitments



a.“User” means students, employees, trustees, parents, guardians, volunteers and guests using technology (District or Personal) that involves any School District related activities, including off-campus activities that have a connection to the Board or its schools, or for personal purposes that involve any aspect of District Technology.

b.“District Technology” means any electronic device, service, electronic information, or system including but not limited to computers, servers, mobile phones, tablets, sensors, cameras, email and voice services, databases, software, apps, and networks provided or operated by the Board.

c.“Personal Technology” means any electronic device owned and provided by an individual User used in relation to a School District related activity.

d.“Personal Information” has the meaning set out in the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, namely, any information about an identifiable individual excluding information that would allow them to be contacted at work.

e.The “”, “”, “” domains are owned by the Board and used for providing Board identifiable websites and employee email addresses.

f.“Internet” means the computer network systems connecting electronic devices all over the world through which individuals can interact, communicate, and share information.

g.“System Administrator” includes employees with the role and responsibility to monitor and maintain District Technology.


a.The Acceptable Use of Technology policy and related regulations apply to all
Users of District and Personal Technology.

b.Users are required to review and acknowledge this Acceptable Use of
Technology Policy and Regulations.


a.The System Administrators are authorized to block access to, or remove files (from District Technology) that are in violation of this policy or any other Board policy or school rules.

4.Usage and Technology Etiquette

a.The Board expects that the use of District or Personal Technology for the purpose of supporting educational programs and the District’s administrative services will occur in an ethical, responsible and legal manner.

b.The use of District or Personal Technology in relation to a school district related activity must not result in a threat to the safety and welfare of students and/or employees or any other member of the school community.

c.Users are expected to conduct communications using District or Personal Technology in a courteous and respectful manner, and a manner consistent with Board policies, and for students, consistent with the guidelines and expectations outlined in the school Codes of Conduct.

d.Users are responsible for using District Technology in a secure manner. They must keep their password confidential and must not share passwords or personal information of others, without permission.

e.The District is not responsible for the loss of any data or information related to the personal use of District or Personal Technology.

5.Prohibited uses of District Technology include:

a.transmitting or possessing any materials in violation of Canadian laws;

b.intentionally receiving, viewing, duplicating, forwarding, storing, or transmitting pornographic materials;

c.transmitting, posting, or linking to disrespectful, derogatory, offensive, threatening, harassing, discriminatory, abusive, obscene, or illegal messages, materials, activities;

d.intentionally duplicating, storing, installing, or transmitting any digital material that contravenes the Copyright Act;

e.plagiarizing any information obtained through District Technology, or any other means;

f.participating in online gambling sites;

g.forging any document or message; obscuring the origin of any message, transmission, or file;

h.using programs that harass users, prevent access, investigate, intercept, examine, or infiltrate computer systems, information, or software components;

i.conducting commercial activities without permission; and j. any other conduct that would be cause for discipline.


a.The District will not intentionally access, use or disclose personal information except when
i.Disclosure is required as part of a misconduct investigation or in relation to a breach of law or policy;
ii.there are compelling safety or security concerns;
iii.the Board is legally authorized or compelled to do so.

b.In the course of maintaining the health, performance, and recoverability of District Technology, network transmission patterns and statistics (not content) are routinely monitored, and information and data (content) are routinely backed-up.

7.Violations of Policy

Violations of this policy may result in privileges relating to District Technology being restricted, suspended, or revoked and may result in disciplinary action.

Violations of this policy may be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities and may also be subject to criminal investigations and/or criminal charges.

Cross References: 
AH- Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy AH-R: Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy GB: Staff-Student Relations GCPD: Suspension and Dismissal of Teaching Staff Members GDPD: Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff Members JF: Student Code of Conduct – Student Rights and Responsibilities (under review)
Adopted Date: 
Monday April 18, 2016