BCEA: Board Representatives

B: Board Governance and Operations

Liaison Trustees 

It is the policy of the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) to assign one trustee to each secondary school and the group of elementary schools related to it and to serve as a liaison trustee for those schools. 

The Board allocates responsibility to each liaison trustee to visit his or her designated schools in order to: 

  • establish a more intensive contact with individual schools than would otherwise be possible; 
  • obtain an overview of the schools in the district, so that each trustee may be better informed when making policy decisions; 
  • encourage schools in their work and the implementation of their programs; 
  • nterpret Board policy so that it may be better understood in the schools. 

In view of the relatively large number of schools designated to each trustee and the correspondingly large number of invitations to visit the schools, it is likely that some invitations may have to be declined.  Consequently, trustees wish to assure staff and parents that their inability to respond to some invitations is not to be interpreted as a lack of interest in the activities of a school but merely the impossibility of responding to all - or even most - of the invitations within the time available. 

It is also the policy of the Board that when senior management receive petitions on matters that are of substantial interest to a particular school, the school liaison trustee should be informed of such petitions. 

Trustee Representation to Other Organizations

It is the policy of the Board to appoint trustees to represent the Board on committees and agencies that deal with matters related to education. 

The Board also will approve the attendance of a trustee at public hearings involving housing developments within the school district and to request that, at such hearings, the trustee be accompanied by a school administrator.

DMT Responsibility: SUPT.

Adopted Date: 
Tuesday September 14, 1976
Revision Date: 
Dec 1996
Jan 1999