BDDFA: Introduction Of Board Motions

B: Board Governance and Operations

Motions, which must be in writing, brought to the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) for the first time, not as recommendations from a Board Standing Committee, shall be dealt with as Notices of Motion.  They will be read by the mover, and no discussion on the motion shall take place.  However, with the agreement of the mover, the motion could be referred to a Standing Committee. 

If not referred to a Committee, the motion will be included on the agenda of the next Board meeting, moved by the trustee who gave Notice of Motion, and dealt with by the Board or referred to the appropriate Committee. 

However, if a motion is ruled by the Chairperson of the Board to be urgent, it can be dealt with by the Board when first presented. 

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BD: School Board Meetings
Adopted Date: 
Tuesday April 19, 1977
Revision Date: 
Aug 1990
Dec 1996
Jan 1999