BHBA: School Board Conferences, Conventions and Workshops

B: Board Governance and Operations

The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) encourages the participation of its members at appropriate conferences, workshops, conventions, seminars, and similar meetings.  Funds for participation at such meetings will be budgeted for on an annual basis. 

Except in cases involving unusual expense, it is not necessary for Board members to receive specific Board approval for each attendance (the Board must, however, approve expenses of trustees-elect attending orientation seminars because those trustees-elect are not yet sworn in as Board members).  In all other cases, the following policies shall apply: 

  • trustees may attend educational conferences where the total cost to the Board does not exceed $500 (see also BHD);
  • where total cost is expected to be more than $500, the Management Co-ordinating Committee will consider requests and make recommendations to the Board; 
  • where no trustee has expressed an interest in attending a particular (under $500) conference and the Management Co-ordinating Committee is of the opinion that the Board should be represented at such conference, the Committee will decide whether any Board representative should be assigned to attend; 
  • trustees each year shall have the choice of attending either the Canadian School Boards Association or the Canadian Education Association convention (the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson or their delegates may attend both); 
  • trustees each year may attend the B.C. School Trustees Association Annual General Meeting; 
  • when an approved meeting is not attended by the full Board, those who do participate will be requested to share information and materials acquired at the meeting.

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BHD: Board Member Compensation and Expenses
Adopted Date: 
Monday April 28, 1969
Revision Date: 
Dec 1996
Apr 1998