KKA-R: Building and Grounds Security – Anti-Loitering Strategies

Section K: School-Community Relations


Routine Security Measures 

Each school is unique and therefore not all security measures may apply at all schools. In the course of addressing on-going vandalism concerns the following measures are considered and implemented as appropriate: 

  • Lighting levels are reviewed to discourage loitering.
    • Lighting levels may be increased to allow a clear view of activities in areas which can be easily viewed
    • Lighting levels may be reduced in areas which are hidden from view
  • Sightlines around the school are reviewed to ensure they are clear and unobstructed.
    • Shrubbery is trimmed as required
    • Objects, which prevent a clear view, are removed
  • Roof access is checked to ensure that barriers are installed or items are removed which enable vandals to access the roof.
  • Random security patrols may be initiated.
  • In extreme cases a stationary guard may be placed at a school for a period of time to discourage loitering and prevent vandalism. 

Anti-Loitering Devices

In situations of chronic vandalism, anti-loitering devices may be considered. Prior to installing ant-loitering devices the following steps must be taken:

  • Support from the Principal of the school must be obtained.
  • There must be public consultation with parents, staff, the PAC, and neighbours by the Principal.
  • The device must be installed as per manufacturer’s recommended guidelines in a manner that has the greatest benefit to reduce loitering while having no impact on neighbours.
  • The device must be on a timer to operate between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:00 am Monday to Sunday. Operating hours for the device may only be altered from these standard hours with prior authorization from the Director of Facilities.
  • Signs must be located on the site indicating that “School Grounds are closed between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am” and that “the site may have an anti-loitering device in place”. 
  • For electronic anti-loitering devices the installation must be as follows:
    • Location – at least 150 feet from the edge of the property or closest neighbour.
    • Height – as per Health Canada’s recommendations of at least 2.5 meters off the ground.
    • Direction – downward towards the area of concern.
    • A label must be installed, clearly visible within .5 m of the device, stating that “Hearing damage could occur if the speaker is 30 cm or closer to your ear”.
    • The device must be tested after it is installed to ensure it is operating as per the guidelines listed above.
    • An inventory of all electronic anti-loitering devices in the district must be maintained by Facilities and devices must be tested annually to ensure they are operating as per the guidelines above.

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Monday June 18, 2012