CBA: Qualifications And Duties Of Superintendent

C: General School Administration

The Superintendent of Schools is the chief executive officer of the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”).  He is responsible to the Board for the entire operation of the Vancouver school system. 


  • in co-operation with the Secretary-Treasurer, the Superintendent provides leadership among the senior management in working with principals, teachers, and others to achieve the goals of the Board; 
  • provides leadership in the planning and co-ordination of education services, field services, business administration, and personnel services for the district;
  • assigns additional duties to all senior personnel as required. 


  • works with trustees and acts as a resource person in assisting trustees to formulate district policy; 
  • interprets the decisions of the Board to senior management and to the staff of the school system; 
  • works with the associate superintendents - area in the supervision of schools in the district; 
  • maintains a working relationship with the associate superintendents - area in matters of educational services in the schools; 
  • maintains a working relationship with the Secretary-Treasurer, particularly in matters of financial support of the school system; 
  • acts as liaison between the Board and the Ministry of Education and, to this end, establishes and maintains good relationships with Ministry officials and participates in ministerial workshops and seminars to keep lines of communications open;
  • maintains liaison with senior officials of other school boards to foster good relations and to share educational knowledge and experience; 
  • maintains liaison with senior members of university faculties of education with particular reference to teacher and administrator training; 
  • establishes and maintains a climate of co-operation and communication between Board administrators and representatives of teachers' and administrators' associations and parent groups; 
  • encourages and supervises the transfer of principals, and the identification and promotion of staff members with administrative potential; 
  • in co-operation with other senior management, recruits candidates for senior administrative positions, as necessary, and makes recommendations to the Board regarding appointments; 
  • maintains an overview of the programs in our schools in order to provide leadership to education administrators in meeting the needs of the students; 
  • establishes and fosters good relationships with representatives of various civic bodies and community agencies to facilitate co-operation on particular issues as the need arises; 
  • provides leadership in the establishment of innovative programs and alternative programs in the schools by encouraging a climate in which senior management and school staffs may develop creative proposals for new programs. 

Note:  Role descriptions of other senior management have been filed as subcodes of CD Senior Management Team.

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Monday March 20, 1978
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Aug 1990
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