CE: Administrative Councils, Cabinets, And Committees

C: General School Administration

The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) authorizes the Superintendent of Schools to establish such permanent or ad hoc committees as he finds necessary for the proper administration of Board policies and for the improvement of the educational program.

The membership, composition, and responsibilities of such committees will be defined by the Superintendent and may be changed at his discretion.  In order that each group may work as effectively as possible, the Superintendent will explain clearly the group's function and charge and the way it should make its recommendations.  Authority for establishing policy, however, remains with the Board, and authority for implementing policy remains with the Superintendent. 

Staff Committees/Councils 

Committees of professional and support staff members will be established, maintained, and charged in accordance with applicable negotiated agreements or as considered necessary by the Superintendent or the administrative staff. 

Note:  The Board has approved procedures for establishing membership on Standing Committees and ad hoc committees initiated by the Board; these procedures should be consulted under code BCF Advisory Committees to the Board.

DMT Responsibility: SUPT.

Cross References: 
BCE Board Committees; BCF Advisory Committees to the Board; DLC Expense Reimbursements
Agreement References: 
Current Collective Agreement with VTF
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Monday October 18, 1982
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Nov 1985
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