CF: School Building Administration (Principalship)

C: General School Administration

The School Act Section 20 states: 

“           (1)       A board may appoint a person as an administrative officer to perform the duties and have the powers set out in the regulations. 

            (2)       An administrative officer is not an employee within the meaning of the Labour Relations Code;. 

            (3)       An administrative officer who is responsible for evaluating a teacher in a specialized assignment may 

                        (a)       consult with a resource person who has relevant specialized technical knowledge, and 

                        (b)       use information obtained from the consultation in the evaluation.” 


With regard to the duties of principals, the School Act specifies that the principal is responsible for administering and supervising the school as follows: 

  • the implementation of educational programs;
  • the placing and programming of students in the school;
  • the timetables of teachers;
  • the program of teaching and learning activities;
  • the program of student evaluation and assessment and reporting to parents(f)the maintenance of school records; and
  • the general conduct of students, both on school premises and during activities that are off school premises and that are organized or sponsored by the school; 
  • and shall, in accordance with the policies of the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”), exercise paramount authority within the school in matters concerning the discipline of students. 

In the Vancouver school system, principals and vice-principals are appointed to the district but are assigned to particular schools on the basis of the system's best interests. 

It is the practice of the Board to transfer principals approximately every five years, although this period may be extended depending on special circumstances, such as a principal nearing retirement or the completion of a special project. 


In the absence of the principal of a school, a vice-principal of that school shall, if authorized by the Board, have all the powers and duties assigned to the principal. 

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Monday October 16, 1978
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