DBC: Budget Deadlines and Schedules

D: Fiscal Management

The preparation of the annual budget will be scheduled in stages throughout the school year.  The following are the key dates pertaining to the annual budget, which are established by law:

  1. on or before February 01 of a fiscal year, the Minister of Education shall announce the average per student amount that is anticipated to be used to determined the provincial block of funds for the next fiscal year; 
  2. on or before March 15 of each year, the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) shall submit to the Minister information that the Minister requests respecting revenue or other financial matters, including an estimate of the debt service expenses for the next fiscal year; 
  3. the Board may authorize the holding of a referendum to obtain the approval of the electors for any money that the Board wishes to raise for the next fiscal year by residential taxes under Section 137 by passing a resolution at a public meeting of the Board at least two weeks before the referendum is held ( the referendum shall be held on the third Saturday in April or on another date prescribed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council); 
  4. on or before April 27 in a year, the Board shall, by by-law, adopt its budget for the next fiscal year and then submit a certified copy of it to the Minister.

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