EBC: Emergency Plans

E: Support Services

More than one type of emergency can cause the evacuation of a school: fire, bomb threat, civil emergencies, natural disasters, etc.

Because no two instances are identical, emergency plans must anticipate a variety of situations and conditions that will differ from building to building.  For that reason, the administrator in charge of each building will be responsible for developing emergency plans for his/her building.  Appropriate drills will be given to ensure everyone in a building knows exactly what to do in emergencies.

In developing and carrying out emergency plans, concern for human life and safety must prevail over concern for property.  The emphasis must always lie on prevention and forethought; not merely on procedures for coping with emergencies that do occur.

Note: The Engineer-Custodian's Handbook, available from the Operations Manager and kept by every principal and engineer-custodian, contains detailed rules for the handling of fires and other emergencies and should be followed by appropriate building staff

DMT Responsibililty: D-FSS

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Monday October 18, 1982
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Aug 1990
Sep 1994
Jan 1999