EBCB: Fire Drills

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The Fire Services Act requires that a system of fire drills approved by the Fire Marshal be adopted and practised by all persons in every school.

At least three fire drills are required in every school in each fall and spring term.  The principal or person in charge in each building shall instruct all employees in fire drill procedures, subject to the particular conditions in that building.  He/she shall also see that each teacher or employee has in his/her possession a copy of the fire exit drill and that the plans are discussed and practised.  Lives may some day depend on how confidently, quickly, and calmly the staff can carry out these plans; no effort must be spared to ensure that they are clearly understood by everyone. 

Each teacher, under the direction of the principal or person in charge, shall instruct the students of his/her class in the approved fire drill procedure and shall make special provisions for the care of any student who may be physically or mentally incapable of proceeding safely to the exits.  If a teacher must leave a class unattended for any length of time, a teacher in a neighbouring classroom must be notified so that, in case of fire, that teacher will take charge of the unattended class in addition to his/her own.  If a teacher appoints one or more competent students in his/her class to act as fire monitors, these monitors may be used only to check the immediate area of their own classroom and must leave the school with their class. 

The principal or person in charge of each building shall have access to exits checked daily to ensure that no obstructions exist and doors open freely. 

The principal or person in charge shall notify the Fire Department immediately of any fire that occurs in a school, no matter how small it may appear to be.  The telephone number of the Fire Department shall be displayed prominently near all school telephones.

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EBC: Emergency Plans
Adopted Date: 
Monday October 18, 1982
Revision Date: 
Aug 1990
Sep 1994