EBCC-R: Bomb Threats

E: Support Services

Bomb threats are usually received by telephone and sometimes by note, letter, or electronic means. Most of these threats are made by telephone callers whose intention is to create an atmosphere of anxiety and panic. All such communications must be taken seriously.

If a bomb threat is received, consider the following:

        Use the Checklist: Bomb Threat by Telephone found in the VSB Staff Guidelines/Emergency Procedures Flipbook

        The principal or his/her designate will assume responsibility for dismissal or evacuation of the school.

        It is recommended the school not be evacuated in case of a bomb threat unless, in the opinion of the principal or his/her designate, the circumstances require.

        Do not discuss the bomb threat with the student body or others, except with the approval of the principal or his/her designate.

        Employees should be informed of the District’s bomb threat policies and referred to the checklists and procedures in the VSB Staff Guidelines/Emergency Procedures Flipbook.


DMT Responsibility:SUPT.



Adopted Date: 
Thursday September 01, 1977
Revision Date: 
Oct 1982
Aug 1990
Nov 1992
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