ECAB-R-1: Vandalism

E: Support Services


  • Principals will direct any problems or questions regarding specific school security matters to Operations/Purchasing or the appropriate school liaison officer. 
  • Staff will continue to work with the Vancouver Police Department and the Crown Prosecutor to emphasize the commitment of the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) to reduce vandalism costs. 
  • The Board will continue to purchase and use high quality vandal-resistant materials in high-risk areas of the school and review security measures for the more vulnerable areas. 
  • The Maintenance and Construction Division will ensure that a minimum amount of time expires between the receipt of vandalism damage reports and completion of the required repairs. 
  • In construction of new school facilities, their design will be such as to minimize potential vandalism problems. 
  • Notices prepared in several languages will be circulated to residents adjacent to school property to encourage neighbours to be watchful of vandalism and report any problems to the police. 
  • Communication Services will consider appropriate means to publicize the broad issues surrounding vandalism in schools, including the various means being undertaken to further reduce vandalism costs.

DMT Responsibility: D-FSS

Adopted Date: 
Tuesday November 02, 1982
Revision Date: 
Aug 1990
Sep 1994
Jan 1997