ECAB-R-2: Vandalism (and Break-Ins, Theft, and Damage)

E: Support Services

Procedures for Schools 

  • Notify the police of the incident : 
    • Emergency -  911
    • Non-emergency - 665-3321 
  • Complete three copies of form ECAB-E, including an estimate of value of stolen equipment or damage, and distribute as follows: 
    • White: Secretary-Treasurer’s Office, attaching any necessary requisitions for repairs or replacement of equipment; 
    • Yellow: School liaison officer or attending officer or Vancouver Police Department, 312 Main Street, Vancouver, V6A 2T2; 
    • Pink: School copy.
  • Make every effort to obtain names of persons who committed the offense. 

The principal's responsibility ends at this point. 

Monies Collected for Vandalism 

Final disposition forms will be sent to the school by the Juvenile Court or Adult Court, and the parents will be advised to make restitution to the principal. 

Monies collected will be retained by the school for general use.  However, a report must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer at the end of the year giving the amount collected. 

If schools have difficulty in collecting vandalism monies, the  Secretary-Treasurer’s Office, upon the principal's request, will issue invoices to parents. 

If in doubt as to the amount to charge for damage, contact the Maintenance and Construction Division. 

Citizen Reports on Vandalism 

The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) is concerned about the heavy cost of break-ins, theft, and damage in our schools.  Every effort is made by school personnel to minimize the opportunities for vandalism by giving careful attention to security of buildings and the use of materials and surfaces that are not readily vandalized.  The Board encourages involvement of school pupils, staff, parents, and the neighbouring community in various programs designed to reduce vandalism. 

The Board has approved a reward for information leading to the conviction of vandals.

DMT Responsbility: D-FSS



Adopted Date: 
Monday November 29, 1982
Revision Date: 
Aug 1990
Sep 1994
Nov 1999