ECAC: Pesticides

E: Support Services

It is the policy of the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) to eliminate the use of chemical pesticides and that school grounds maintenance and pest problem control be conducted through an Integrated Pest Management approach.   An Integrated Pest Management approach is the best combination of cultural, biological, and genetic methods for the most effective control of pests. 

Pest control activities and material should be initiated in the following order of priority: 

  1. least hazardous to human health;
  2. least disruptive of natural controls;
  3. least toxic to non-targets;
  4. least damaging to the general environment;
  5. most likely to effect pest reduction. 
  • Physical/cultural and biological/genetic control methods shall receive priority consideration for solving any pest problem. 
  • School grounds facilities shall be constantly monitored for pest problems so that they are treated as quickly as possible, minimizing the damage and amount of treatment required. 
  • Treatment methodologies and pest-resistant plant availabilities shall also be regularly monitored so that the Board has a wider choice of safer and more economical alternatives than at present. 

N.B. This policy was adopted with the proviso that no chemical pesticides be used.

DMT Responsibility: D-FSS

Adopted Date: 
Monday December 04, 1989
Revision Date: 
Sep 1994
Jan 1999