ECAD: Pesticides (Interior)

E: Support Services

It is the goal of the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) to ultimately eliminate the use of chemical pesticides in school buildings, and it is the policy of the Board to protect building occupants from adverse effects of pesticides that are used.   The Board shall endeavour to use the safest products available for pest control and to pursue safer and/or natural methods of control, where possible. 

  • The Board shall employ a "right-to know" policy whereby school staff and parents are advised of pesticide application.  In this regard, a written procedure/information package (ECAD-E) shall be circulated to school principals and updated as required.  That procedure/information package shall be appended to and form part of this policy. 
  • Pest control activities and materials should be initiated in the following order of priority: least hazardous to human health; 
  1. least disruptive of natural controls;
  2. least toxic to non-target species;
  3. least damaging to the building environment;
  4. most likely to effect pest reduction.
  • Areas and facilities used by both the school and community shall have zero to minimal pesticide use.
  • Where chemical controls are required, those used shall be chosen on the basis of least hazard to human health and environment, and highest effectiveness and selectivity.  Any chemical under review by Agriculture Canada for a health or environmental reason shall not be used.
  • Posting for chemical pesticide use shall be in accordance with City By-laws.
  • A standing Steering Committee shall be established by the  Board to oversee the use of pesticides inside school buildings.  It shall be comprised of representatives of the following groups: 
    • one member representing:  Maintenance and Construction
    • one member representing:  Safety and Health
    • one member representing:  District Parents
    • one member representing:  Secondary Teachers
    • one member representing:  Secondary Administrators
    • one member representing:  Elementary Teachers
    • one member representing:  Elementary Administrators
    • one member representing:  City of Vancouver Environmental Health Division
  • It shall pre-approve pre-defined proposed pesticide usage regimens for emergency treatments of specific pests.  It shall review the Board's annual pesticide usage records and monitor proven alternatives and advances in pest treatment.
  •  The committee shall meet annually in the spring, (or more frequently) as required at the request of the Maintenance and Construction Manager to address specific issues.

DMT Responsibility: D-FSS


Cross References: 
All EBC subcodes (all pertaining to emergency procedures).
Adopted Date: 
Monday March 05, 1990
Revision Date: 
Sep 1994
Jan 1999