ECB: Building and Grounds Mainenance/Custodial Services

E: Support Services

The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) is aware of the tremendous investment the community has made in the buildings and grounds of the school system; it therefore wishes to protect and enhance that investment through a continuous program of maintenance and care of all district-owned facilities. 

The Maintenance and Construction Division and Operations Division will carry out this program under the supervision of the Secretary-Treasurer.  In this effort, he/she will be assisted by maintenance and custodial supervisors and staff.

The principal is responsible for the administration and supervision of his/her school, in accordance with the School Act and its Regulation and with the policies and regulations of the Board. 

One of the primary responsibilities of the principal or the vice-principal of an annex is to maintain a school environment that is clean, safe, and functional.  The principal exercises this responsibility through the engineer-custodian assigned to his/her building; the relationship between the principal and the engineer-custodian and the relationship between the engineer-custodian and the Operations Division should be one of co-operation and support.

Detailed regulations for the request and provision of custodial and maintenance services to schools will be developed by the administration and will be disseminated to all principals, engineer-custodians, and support staff involved. 

Note: The Engineer-Custodian's Handbook contains detailed descriptions of the division of responsibilities within the school system with regard to maintenance and custodial services, and should be consulted. 

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EC: Building and Grounds Management
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Current Collective Agreement IUOE Local 963
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Monday October 18, 1982
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Dec 1983
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