ECD: Traffic and Parking Controls

E: Support Services

Driving and parking on school grounds are privileges granted by the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) to persons who have reason to be in the schools or on school property. 

Because space and safety do not permit uncontrolled use of the schools' driveways and parking lots, the Board directs that requests by community or other groups or individuals to park vehicles on school playgrounds or blacktop play areas be refused.  Parking in authorized parking areas may be approved if, in the opinion of the senior management and the school principal, such use would not restrict the use of the recreational areas on the school site and will not interfere with the operation of the schools. 

Vehicles on School Grounds 

Motor vehicles must not exceed eight (8) kilometres per hour when on school property.  Where possible, the use of trucks on school grounds at times when children are at play (i.e. before school, recess, noon hour, and after school) should be avoided.  Under no circumstances should a truck be backed on school grounds when children are at play, unless a responsible adult is available on the ground at the rear of the truck for guidance.  The engineer-custodian may be asked to assist in the case of one-man truck operations.  Any vehicle proceeding in the vicinity of children playing shall utilize a responsible adult as safety-watcher to walk the vehicle through the area.  Vehicles are prohibited from school grounds, unless on school business.

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JHFD: Student Automobile Use
Adopted Date: 
Saturday May 01, 1976
Revision Date: 
Oct 1982
Sep 1994
Jan 1999