EEA: Student Transportation Services

E: Support Services



The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”), while recognizing that it is not required to provide bus transportation services to bring students to and from school, nevertheless will, within the provisions of the School Act and the Regulation, make provision for school bus transportation within the following guidelines:


• School bus transportation will be provided free of charge only to Kindergarten and elementary school children (K-3) who live more than 4.0 km by the nearest passable road from a public school in which there is a grade for them and to school children grades 4-12 who live more than 4.8 km by the nearest passable road from a public school in which there is a grade for them.  For students (age 12 and over but under 21 years of age), school bus certificates may be issued that entitle them to transportation on public buses in the school district.


• Parents or guardians who obtain approval to transfer their children to a school other than the one to which they were originally assigned under prevailing school attendance areas policies are responsible for providing their own transportation, unless transportation is already provided for by the Board and no additional cost would be involved for the district.


• Transportation will be provided for students enrolled in special classes of the district, in accordance with the regulations applying to the particular type of special class and any applicable school laws or provincial regulations.


• Transportation arrangements for severely handicapped children will be considered on an individual basis, bearing in mind the particular type of handicap and the funds available.  The Board may also, in such cases, reimburse the parents of such handicapped students for providing their own transportation to the school.


• Bus transportation will not be provided when the road or roads is/are unsafe for buses to operate, either because of weather conditions or because of the condition of the road(s).


• Students are expected to walk a reasonable distance, not to exceed the limits designated by the School Act, to a designated pick-up place.



• All contracts between the Board and bus contractors will protect the interests of the Board in matters of availability and condition of equipment, flexibility of schedules, character and competence of bus drivers, insurance provisions, and costs.


The service and contracts will be subject to continual supervision and regular evaluation by the senior management.

Revision Date: 
Jul 1983
Sep 1991
Sep 1994