EF: Healthy Living

E: Support Services



The Vancouver Board of Education recognizes that schools play an important role, in partnership with parents and the larger community, in promoting healthy living for its students.  The Board recognizes an important connection between students’ health and its many benefits, including a student’s ability to learn, grow, and maintain lifelong good health.  Vancouver schools promote health by striving to provide:


-         healthy physical and social environments

-         teaching and learning focused to achieve the knowledge and skills needed to be healthy

-         strong partnerships with the health sector, parents and other community services that contribute to wellness


Through attention to each of these areas, the Board acknowledges the unique position that schools play in being able to directly influence students’ health.


Components of Healthy Living


Nutrition and Food Activities


The Board and all schools in Vancouver will use the Ministry of Education’s Guidelines for Food and beverage Sales in Schools in BC to determine which foods and beverages are available to students and under what circumstances.  This will include food sold/provided in cafeterias, vending machines, school stores, lunch and breakfast programs, and for fundraising activities.


Teaching and learning about nutrition will be included in the Health and Careers Curriculum (K-10) and will be integrated in other appropriate curriculum areas.  Partnerships with Vancouver Coastal Health and other health promoting agencies will be encouraged as is collaboration with parents, community organizations, businesses etc.


Physical Activity


Schools will encourage students to engage in physical activity through organized programs such as the Provincial Physical Education Curriculum, intramural and extra-curricular sports and athletics, as well as in less structured activities throughout the day, including at recess and lunch.  The District and schools will continue to build partnerships with Vancouver Parks and Recreation, the City, and other agencies and organizations involved with physical activity.  The District will implement the Ministry of Education guidelines for daily physical activity.


Teaching and learning about the benefits of active lifestyles will be included in the Health and Careers Curriculum and in the Physical Education Curriculum.



Social and Emotional Development – To be Developed


Environmental Responsibility – To be developed




DMT Responsability: D-FSS

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Section JL: Student Gifts and Solicitations Section I: Instruction *IGDFA
Adopted Date: 
Monday December 17, 2007