EI: Insurance Management

E: Support Services

It is the policy of the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) to arrange for adequate insurance coverage for the school district's buildings and grounds, for its employees and students, and for any liabilities that the school district, its employees, or the members of the Board may have under applicable laws.

It is the task of the Secretary-Treasurer, under the general authority of the Superintendent of Schools and working with other members of the administration and the Finance and Legal Committee of the Board, to ensure that proper coverage is maintained and that insurance policies are in order at all times.  Periodically, the Secretary-Treasurer, in consultation with the Finance and Legal Committee, will review the district's entire insurance package and will explore ways to obtain the best possible coverage on terms most advantageous to the district.

DMT Responsibility: ST

Cross References: 
EIB: Liability Insurance; GCBC Professional Staff Fringe Benefits; GDBC: Support Staff Fringe Benefits; JHA: Student Insurance Program
Agreement References: 
Current Collective Agreement with VTF; current Collective Agreement with PASA
Revision Date: 
Sep 1994