FB-R: Facilities Planning

F: Facilities Development

Process for Involvement of School Staff and School Community in Facility Changes 

Capital Projects: 

  • The senior management team will recommend the school(s) to be  included in the Annual Capital Plan  submitted by the Board to the Ministry of Education.  Schools that meet the Ministry of Education criteria guidelines will be considered in priority order as determined by the senior management team based on such criteria as seismic risk assessment, educational program needs, long-term facilities requirements, and overall condition of the physical plant. 
  • If funding is approved for capital projects, ,  the Director of  Facilities will determine whether the preliminary design work will be completed by VSB staff or by consultants.  Consultants, if required, will be selected according to standard practices and retained by the Director of  Facilities. 
  • A project Steering Committee will be established for each capital project, consisting of the Director of Facilities, Associate Superintendent - Area,  Principal, Manager of Maintenance and Construction, other district Facilities staff and the consultant. The Steering Committee will oversee the management of the project, and will provide input and approval on key program requirements, design, scheduling and funding issues submitted by the Working Committee.
  • A project Working Committee will be established, consisting of the Principal, district Facilities staff and the consultant, to develop and review program requirements, design options, costing and details.  
  • A School Committee will be established by the Principal, and include representatives from the teaching and support staff, and parent(s) from the Parent Advisory Committee.  Student representatives may also be included.  The School Committee will provide input on the project through the Working Committee.  The Principal will keep the School Committee apprised of various aspects of the project, including the design, schedule and approvals.
  • The detailed design and preliminary cost estimate will be finalized by the Project  Steering Committee including desired architectural changes and improvements, seismic resistance upgrading, code requirements, systems replacements or improvements, and special items (e.g. noise abatement, asbestos removal).   The plan will be  submitted to the Ministry of Education and City of Vancouver for the appropriate funding and permit approvals. 
  • Once approved, working drawings and detailed plans will be completed as required, and all necessary permits will be obtained.   Subject to Ministry approval, the work will be assigned to VSB forces or, through a public tender process, to an outside contractor.   A schedule for construction activities will be developed  in conjunction with the principal, the consultant and the construction team.

Maintenance and Renovation Projects:

  • The Director of Facilities will present the allocation of the Annual Capital Grant for maintenance and renovation projects to the Planning and Facilities Committee of the Board.
  • District Facilities staff will work with the Principal and the consultant (for projects where an outside consultant is required), to develop and review the scope of work, design options, costing, scheduling and other details of the maintenance or renovation project.   Where deemed necessary by the scope and complexity of the work, a project Working Committee will be established.  The Principal will be responsible for keeping staff and the school community apprised of the scope and scheduling of work to be done.


Revision Date: 
Aug 1990
Jul 1991
Sep 1994
Dec 2003