FEB-R: Selection of Architect and/or Prime Consultants for Major Projects

F: Facilities Development

The Board of Education of School District No. 39 - Vancouver (the “Board”) will use architects and other professional consultants as prime consultants as required for school projects. The Board will pre-qualify prime consultants (“list”) who are interested in working on a variety of projects. 

Selection Process 

Stage I: Pre-qualification 

  • The Board will invite responses from consultants who are interested in pre-qualifying for the provision of prime consultant services to the Board.  The purpose of this process is to develop a list of consultants with the required expertise, capabilities and resources to provide services on specific projects. 
  • A Working Committee, consisting of the Associate Superintendent or designate, Director of Facilities, Facility Division Manager and/or delegate, Manager of Purchasing and Administrative Services or delegate will co-ordinate the process for assessing the responses to the request for pre-qualification. The Working Committee will evaluate the consultants using a set of pre-established criteria and determine if the consultants are appropriate for inclusion on the List.  

Stage II: Project-Specific Appointment 

  • If the list is sufficient, the Working Committee will determine the availability of a number of consultants. These consultants will be requested to submit a proposal on a project-specific basis.  
  • The Working Committee will review the short-listed candidates, may arrange for interviews and will appoint a prime consultant for each relevant project.

DMT Responsability: ASF

Adopted Date: 
Tuesday May 21, 1991
Revision Date: 
Sep 1994
Jan 1999
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