FEB: Selection of Architect and/or Prime Consultants for Major Projects

F: Facilities Development

DMT Responsability: ASF

The Board of Education of School District No. 39 - Vancouver (the “Board”) uses its own design and technical staff, whenever possible, to complete most school projects. However, on some major projects or specialized activities, the Board will use architects and other professional consultants as prime consultants, to provide a range of necessary services.

For projects where the fees for consultants’ services exceed the threshold as determined by provincial regulations, the Board will develop a List of Pre-Qualified Prime Consultants (the “List”) with the required expertise, capabilities and resources to provide services through a pre-qualification process. 

The prequalification and appointment of project-specific architect and/or prime consultants will be made from the List by a Working Committee consisting of an Associate Superintendent or designate, the Director of Facilities or designate, Facility Division Manager and/or delegate, and Manager of Purchasing and Administrative Services or designate.  Contract awards for projects will be signed by the Director of Facilities or delegate. Appropriate consultant agreements will be required.


Adopted Date: 
Tuesday May 21, 1991
Revision Date: 
Sep 1994
Jan 1999
Dec 2005
Dec 2009
Dec 2012