FFC-R - 1: Re-naming Existing School Facilities

F: Facilities Development

The decision to re-name an existing school facility must reflect both the educational needs of the students and the history and cultural tradition of the school and community.  The following procedures are necessary prior to Board approval to re-name a school. 

The proposal to re-name a school could be initiated by the school administration, staff or students, the Parent Advisory Council or district staff. It must be thoroughly discussed by each of these groups prior to formally applying to the Board of School Trustees (the "Board") through the appropriate Associate Superintendent or Director.

The proposal to re-name a facility will be presented to a committee comprising the following members: 

1 - Trustee

1 - Director of Facilities (Chair)

1 - District Parent Advisory Council

1 - Associate Superintendent

1 - Employee group representative

1 - School Administrator

1 - Student representative*

1  - Community representative

8 - Total committee members

* Grade 7-12 representative from within the catchment area. 

Details of comments from staff, students, and parents will be provided to the Committee. The committee will review the proposal, based on criteria for school re-naming outlined in policy FFC - Re-Naming Existing School Facilities. The Committee may recommend to the Board that a public information meeting be convened to announce the proposed school re-naming. The decision to hold such meetings would be based on reported reaction to the change and would only be required when deemed to be necessary. The recommendation of the committee will be forwarded to Planning and Facilities - Committee II and to the Board for approval.

DMT Responsibility: D-FSS


Adopted Date: 
Monday May 04, 1992
Revision Date: 
Sep 1994
Jan 1999
Oct 2000