FNA-R-3: Use of Facilities and Grounds for K - 12: Use of School Grounds for Garden Plots

F: Facilities Development

It is the policy of the Board School Trustees (the “Board”) to support in principle the establishment of locally-initiated garden plots on school grounds.  These garden projects may be established in the interests of providing an educational opportunity for the students and staff, and a focus of community activity. 

The development and maintenance of these projects shall be at no cost to the Board.  However, if funding is available, the Board may provide a small start-up grant.  Further, to ensure the maximum benefits to the students and the local community, the garden plots should be designed in accordance with the following regulations. 

  • The garden plots should be designed to add to the aesthetic value of the school site.  The projects should not be allowed to displace other important and appropriate functional uses of the grounds nor should they be allowed to create any type of perceived or real nuisance to the nearby residents. 
  • The plan size of the garden should have a maximum area of 9.3m2 (100 sq. ft.) and sections with dimensions of approximately 3 metres square (10 feet by 10 feet).  Larger areas may only be considered under exceptional circumstances. 
  • The proposed site must be approved by the Vancouver School Board Grounds Section ?? Division, and by the school staff, and nearby residents. 
  • The Vancouver School Board will assume no liability or responsibility for the development or on-going operation of the garden. 
  • The garden plot must be fenced to a specified type and height, notably a chain link fence with a locking gate.  The height of the fence will be a minimum of 1.2 m (4 ft.) and a maximum of 1.82 m (6 ft.). 
  • The arrangements for provision of water service to the garden is the responsibility of the school.  The Board will not maintain or provide water service to the garden. 
  • All site preparation, fencing and other costs incurred by the Board, as requested, will be reimbursed by the school.
  • All materials, including soil, compost, etc., will be kept within the enclosed garden area. 
  • No restricted substances are to be kept, used or brought onto the grounds.  Only permitted insecticides or pesticides are to be used in accordance with Board policy and City By-Law requirements and, then, only by licensed applicators and with permission from the Board. 
  • The overall condition and appearance of the garden must be maintained to the satisfaction of the Board's Grounds Supervisor.  The school must ensure there is assigned responsibility for maintaining the garden throughout the year, including the summer break. 
  • The administrator or other designated school staff member will be the primary contact person for any directions or communications from the Vancouver School Board staff.  This would include any changes to the garden, annual clean-up activities, and expansion or reclamation. 
  • The decision to remove or reclaim the garden plot will be made by the principal in consultation with the staff and School Consultative Committee District Parent Advisory Council.  Costs for restoration will be the responsibility of the school. 
  • Approval prior to the installation or removal of any garden plot must be obtained from the Planning and Facilities Division after review by the Finance and Facilities Development Team.

DMT Responsibility: D-FSS

Adopted Date: 
Monday November 04, 1996